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Yat Chun Wong - High School student in period 2 calculus! I mainly specialize in Chinese style dishes.

Calculus Tomato Egg Stir Fry

A simple dish with simple ingredients can still have a surpising depth of flavor.

Tomato Egg Stir Fry is an especically easy food to make

Tomato Egg Stir Fry is probably one of the easiest dishes to make. Grocery store tomatoes plus a couple of eggs turned into delicious bursts of flavor! The dish contains mostly simple ingredients that most households have besides the oyster or soy sauce. The recipe is ridculously easy and anyone should be able to accomplish it. In fact, it only takes about 5 minutes to cook.


Original recipe here.

First, beat the eggs into a bowl and ad the salt and pepper. Give it a spin with a chopstick or spoon and then set it aside.

Add the tablespoon of oil in a pan or wok over medium-high heat and toss the egg to scramble it. Don't overcook the egg!

Add another tablespoon of oil and then add the garlic and onion. Cook until fragrant, which usually takes about 15 seconds.

Add the chunks of tomato, ketchup, oyster or soy sauce, and water, then cook for about 1-2 minutes in order to soften the tomatoes.

Finally, pour in the cooked eggs and scramble it. Add more salt if nescessary, then add some sesame oil. Finish the dish with green onions.

Calculus problems

The calculus problems contain all seven requirements. The additional three problems are about critical points, area, and minimum value.

The process of making the problems can be summarized as working backwards. You start with the answer, then try to figure out a problem and some numbers that could possibly create the answer. Then you just create the hypotheical problem and plug in numbers. Along the way, you try to make the problems harder, but in the end, the work in of itself is still quite simple.

The easiest problem to make was the limit evaluation since the answer was the most flexible of all the types. I took advantage of its flexibility by using the problem for an ingredient that was a fraction.

For me, the hardest problem to make was the volume problem. Since the ingredient was a whole number, I had to get rid of the pi that was going to be in the equation with the equations. I solved this issue by making the equations have constants that can be factor out of the integral.

Food Review

Well, as expected from the looks of Calculus Tomato Egg Stir Fry, the dish isn't spectacular against dishes with much more ingredients. However, the dish is at it's greatest when paired with rice. My favorite part of the dish was definitely the eggs, which went well with the ketchup flavor. Unexpectly, the dish turned out quite watery from all the tomatoes. I also thought that the dish was a little too sour, which might have depended on the harvest of the tomatoes. To prevent this, you could add more sugar when cooking it next time. Overall, my opinion of this dish is that it is something everyone should be able to cook, just because of how simple it is. For the taste, it is amazing if you are eating it for lunch personally, but most likely it should never be served in formal situation.

In the future, I should definitely drain some of the water in order to make the present the dish better. I would also taste the tomatoes when cooking it to see if I need to add more sugar since it could be too sour.

I would definitely make the dish again simply due to how cheap, easy, and healthy enough it is. The taste does not really have a huge lastly impact.

Rating: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆